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Planning and Envisioning

We facilitate a creative design process, in which you will develop possible scenarios and integrate the principles of sustainability into your organization, company or development. This process engages productive stakeholder dialogue by synthesizing your organization's goals and values with creative thinking skills. Information

natural step workshop


Training and Workshops (Upcoming Events)

We offer a range of workshops. Participatory training places learning in the context of participant's interests and needs.
Example of a workshop.

framework of sustainability - deepen your knowledge of sustainability
skills based workshops - creative and systems thinking
project based learning - integrates creative thinking skills and practical application of sustainability principles.

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Sustainable Development Consulting

This service explores opportunities for innovation and strategic planning in sustainable development in businesses and organizations.

Holocene brings a perspective of permaculture and ecological land planning to the design of new projects or the retrofitting of existing landscapes and human habitats.

Sustainability Consulting Information

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Our services address the need for a practical way to apply principles of sustainable development at many levels of scale. Communication and understanding are maximized through the use of patterns and a participatory approach to training and visioning.