Building Sustainability with the Natural Step:

UT-Houston’s Journey

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Guided by scientific principles of the Natural Step, The University of Texas, Houston is constructing one of the most ecologically friendly institutional buildings ever designed. These two documentary videotapes illustrate the Natural Step principles with colorful animations and feature interviews with University staff and an international building design team who describe how specific features of the new building are putting those principles into practice.

Journey Long:

• A 22 minute version with each system condition animation followed immediately by examples of what UTH is doing to meet that condition.

Journey Short:

• A 14 minute “Executive Cut” with all 4 system condition animations grouped together, followed by a series of examples of what UTH is doing.


Both tapes are priced the same:

$79 for Businesses, Institutions & Government

$29 Discounted rate for Individuals and Non-Profits

All proceeds go to cover costs of production.

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(Note: This form was downloaded from the Holocene Design website.)


Please make checks payable to:

“UT Health Science Center at Houston”

Mail orders to:

Margaret Zambrano

(UTH) UT-Houston HHSC

7000 Fannin Suite 1800

Houston, TX 77030