central Morocco, october 04

commute home in the high atlas village of telouet, marrakech roof patios and gardens

the smoke and spectacle of djemaa el fna (central square) in marrakech, coast side resort of essouria

essaouira, a popular coast town

essaouira fishing boats, dinner accompaniment in marrakech, typical rammed earth construction

kasbah ait benhaddou (where parts of lawrence of arabia were filmed)

jewish and muslim iconography on an antique door, for sale from berber tradesman, kasbah in skoura oasis and view from dades gorge hotel room

todra gorge guest house and neighborhood, high atlas mountain cultivation

berber tradesman from the desert, mali immigrants tapping into the soul music

old school rammed earth, moonrise and vodka tonics at chez julia's auberge in merzouga, sunrise at the edge of the dunes

off into the dunes, our pissed-off camel "jimmy (hendrix)", photoshopped sunset with the berber camel 'drivers', all of whom speak at least 5 languages

climbing the dune at sunset (jo is the white spec), rental skis for the slopes whose sands are creeping into the outpost of merzouga, not far from the algerian border

kasba de ben moro (now a swankish hotel), 300 yr old earthen kasbah in agdz which has been renovated into an auberge

souk (market) in full effect in agdz, dealin with 'crazy' ouberka and baddi ali, brother and sister in the high atlas mountain village of telouet

creative stone construction and landscape of telouet
, taking a break from the daily burden