creative design and systems thinking

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Mind Mapping

A Mind Map is a graphic technique for representing ideas, using words, images, symbols and color. Tony Buzan, president of the Brain Foundation, founder of The Brain Trust and creator of the concept of mental literacy developed the technique. Mind Mapping is based on patterns found in nature and research on how humans think and use our minds.

Workshops and private tutoring offered.

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drawing patterns - new ways of thought

Creative Thinking Techniques

Explore new possibilities, design innovative solutions. These dynamic hands - on workshops are based on research into the process of creativity by Edward de Bono and Tony Buzan.


Permaculture Principle - stacking in space and time


Permaculture is a design method based on ecological principles. The focus is on the creation of sustainable human habitats. It can be applied at many levels of scale, from garden and landscape design to site planning, the integration of agriculture and forestry, regional planning and urban/rural design.


SuNstainable DesignWays

SuNstainable DesignWays is a sustainability design, communication and training tool. In project - based workshops applying the principles of sustainable development you will learn the following skills:

curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Creative thinking techniques
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Analysis by sustainability criteria
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Systems and contextual analysis
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Ecological design
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Goal formation and creating a shared vision
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Holistic decision making process
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Dialogue and meaningful participation
curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Exploring mental models and perception

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How can you learn these skills?

  • in workshops - see schedule or email us to express interest - small group workshops are scheduled on demand
  • by arranging workshops at your company or organization - these can focus on sustainability visioning for your project
  • private tutoring service offered in the San Francisco Bay Area

"Through learning, we re-create ourselves... Through learning we re-perceive the world and our relationship to it. Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life. " (Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline)