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learning skills for sustainable development   

facilitated by Joanne Tippett

When: August 16-21, 1999

Where: The Finnish Hall, Berkeley, California

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curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Would you like to know how to apply sustainability principles in practice?

curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Are you looking for a way to design innovative solutions in businesses, organizations, land use and development?

curly button 1.gif (285 bytes) Would you like to enhance strategic planning and productive stakeholder dialogue?

Meet like-minded decision makers and a co-operative team of experienced teaching staff in this dynamic workshop focusing on applying the principles of sustainable development, innovative thinking techniques and ecological design.

SuNstainable DesignWays is a design, planning and communication tool. It integrates The Natural Step™ framework of sustainability, holistic goal formation and permaculture design tools into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

drawing patterns Design is the creative process of developing new ideas and possibilities and integrating them within the context of a particular organization, place and time. Every design created with the DesignWays process is different, dependent on people's goals and on the local context.

The course will be project oriented, focusing on creative redesign of part of an urban area. The focus is on designing urban sustainability and sustainable business practices - and the skills you will learn can be applied to many other projects and at many levels of scale.


What skills will you learn? Benefits
how to apply The Natural Step a clear framework for decision making and strategic planning
how to Mind Map enhance creativity and communication, see connections and patterns
systemic problem analysis learn to search for source of problems and avoid treating symptoms - save time and money
how to apply Permaculture design tools increase productivity and reduce waste
creative thinking techniques explore new possibilities, enhance innovation
pattern application in design harness the insights of dynamic systems theory in your thinking and design
goal formation and creating a shared vision increase motivation and productive dialogue, galvanize team learning and action
holistic decision making process increase long term planning and stakeholder commitment

Read an article on SuNstainable DesignWays.  See examples of work carried out using the design process.

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